October 28, 1913


The Keystorm, owned by Keystone Transportation Co. of Montreal with 2500 tons of slack coal struck Black Spar Shoal a short distance from Dark Island.  She had a great tear in her side, slipped off, turned over on her side and sank out of site in 125 of water.


The loss of the Keystorm as the greatest marine disaster in 50 years on the St. Lawrence.  It was impossible to raise the boat since it had plates torn apart for a distance of 60. 


It is now one of the most popular dive sites in the River.


June 26, 1930


A dynamite loaded Canadian drill boat, John B. King exploded when a bolt of lightening hit it, killing 31 men and injuring 11.  It sank in 50 of water.  Lightening struck the copper connecting wire with the dynamite charges.  The first boat on the scene was that of Alexander D. Thayer, owner of Dark Island, the island nearest the incident.